#18 November 20, 2020

I am one of Them

In this culture, perhaps, not common

I, we, family, have lost a child

The tip of a needle was all it took

What that wreaks is unimaginable

We go through life untouchable

There is nothing quantifiable

That equates with this alteration of life

Life is change they say, but they don’t prepare



There’s not much to say

The numbness takes care of that

Is there something to do?

Still figuring that one out

Remembrances must change from dark to light

Life’s joys, so faintly remembered, must fight

We must take on that challenge to give us might

No choice!

Lest  we sink

From this world’s sight



Peace Out





2 replies on “ALTERED LIVES”

As I think about how we met, how I met a lot of wonderful families, my heart is saddened because I know we met because each one of us lost a loved one to an overdose, whether it was a child, a brother, a boyfriend or a daughter. What we have lost is a loss unlike any other. But the bonds we have created with each other are bonds unlike any other. The strength and courage it takes to share the stories of our loved ones, the courage it takes to share our feelings and our pain, is something only given to us by god, by our loved ones. Not everyone has the ability to speak out, and thats ok, but to you Harris, I thank you for your continued courage and strength to keep being Zachary’s voice, as I am Ryan’s.
Anne (Ryan’s Voice)

My only hope is that more people like us share their stories. Thank you, Anne, for your strength and perseverance;)

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