Fire, Drugs and Politics

#17 November 13, 2020

Fire, Drugs and Politics

            If you remember the Sesame Street song, “One of These Things,” it asks of the viewer to differentiate between things that are different or the same as each other.  Items such as fires, drugs and politics are ideas that appear to have some similarities and differences.  It is my contention that fires and drugs are similar in certain ways and both are different than politics.  This is so, if one looks at the characteristics and relationships of the ideas.

            The similar qualities of the ideas can be looked at in these ways.  Fire is a natural occurrence that can be positive in the manner humans use it.  When controlled, fire is used for warmth, light,  food preparation and in many other positive ways.  Drugs, most of which come from natural sources like plants, fungi, animals and waterways also benefit our health. As one can see, drugs and fire are natural positive forces in our lives.

            Yet fire and drugs can also have a negative influence.  Fire can become something that is entirely negative as witnessed in recent years. Because of our dependence on fossil fuels and the unnatural uses of Earth’s gifts, catastrophic disasters have ensued. Yes, fire is nature’s way of telling us that the balance of relationships between humans and nature is way out of whack. The drug relationship is also out of whack. For example, in trying to mitigate pain, scientists keep looking at magic bullets that are not natural.  Specifically, one horrific agent we know all too well is fentanyl.  The deaths associated with this are expanding at an exponential yearly rate.

            This leaves us with the area of politics to analyze, which is not a natural phenomenon in life.  It is a totally manmade  institution for what I see are selfish purposes.  All you read, see and hear from any media (no matter your political disposition) is PROPAGANDA! All sorts of media are feeding us with ideas that we either accept or reject based on interpretation of facts (from the dictionary: things that are known or proved to be true).  Things in nature are real and need no proof.            

Things in nature such as fire and drugs are in many ways the same as each other, but both are different than politics.  What happens in the natural world needs no interpretation, regardless of  your political world view.  The natural world does not care what political party or nation a human is from.  We all need to behave like human beings and realize the world will be here for many, many years, unless people shorten the Earth’s lifespan.

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