#10 Oct. 2, 2020

To Zach

My child,

            my little boy,

What have you done?

You have become – undone . . .

When you were little you’d come

            and cry –

When you were hurting,

You’d tell us why

But then you grew –

            you wouldn’t cry

The pain you had

            you held inside.

You didn’t cry

We didn’t see

The pain you hid

The CRUTCH – your need

We tried – too late, to get you straight

To ease the burdens, that made you hurt

You tried so hard – to change your fate

But you left us . . . 

Oh, so much too soon                                                                                                                                              

And now, all we have

Are memories of you –

My child

H. Lee

Peace out


5 replies on “MY CHILD”

So Sorry Ins. Zach was a great kid. I know I didn’t know him well. Some things are just out of our realm. Wishing you peace and love always

Christine, The poem that is on my site was written at least 12 years ago when the wound was fresh. I have come through that storm. I now have gratitude when I find it. I am now a crusader against what killed him. He was sick with OUD and we are now finally treating addiction for what it really is. I appreciate your sentiments.Thanks and stay well! <3 peace out

thank you Bobby! Although I wrote this many years ago, I know many people like me have felt the same way. Peace out1

Thank you for speaking out to reduce the stigma around opioid use disorder. I am sorry for Zach’s pain. I am grateful for the work you are doing to make others more aware. <3

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