#21 December 18, 2020

The Redheaded Dune Racer


Crablike, he scrambles straight up the dune,

            like he was late for an appointment, crosses the path

            and goes even higher.

            He stops –

                        satisfied with his spot –

            He is still –



            Then, his race begins with a galloping gait.

            He picks up SPEED, tears DYNAMICALLY down that dune

                        in rhythm – all systems go


            Six years old, like a downhill skier, perfectly balanced,

            His sheer exhilaration and excitement

            beam out to the ocean and beyond

            LOOK AT HIM!   He’s so proud, innocent.


            At top speed now, he reaches the flat beach –

                        But wait! – He keeps on running.

The sea beckons, race not yet done, until

            he hits the waves.


            In the water, he stops, twirls around and like a conductor,


gives a deep bow to his audience, real or imagined.


But, I have seen this performance and recorded it for posterity and

                        my loneliness

He walks towards the camera,

With an “aw shucks” nonchalance

I asked him, “How was it?”

He replies simply, “Good.”       

            Yes, it was good, and so was the world back then.    

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