A Mother’s Heart

#11 December 16, 2021

A Mother’s Heart 

intimately knows and recognizes her child at the moment of conception.

Speaks to and caresses her precious unborn child’s heart without words.

Causes her arms to ache to hold her unborn child.

Anticipates the first touch, the first sight, the first kiss on its precious cheek

Worries whether all will be well

Considers the unknown while hoping for the best

Feels an indescribable joy that she was chosen to be the mother of this child

Sees her child as a gift that is to be fiercely protected

Marvels at its first breath, its first cry, its first coo, its first smile, its first…and all that are to follow.

Holds her sweet little one close and with hesitation learns to slowly let go of its precious hand to live this life that it was created to live.

Ponders the intelligence, the wonder, the curiosity of her child.

Always perceives her child as her baby.

Only sees the beauty in her child

Feels such a strong connection with its beating heart that no distance can separate it nor can any choice or mistake that is made sever it.

A Mother’s Heart

Will not allow any person or thing or situation to alter the strength in the love that she feels toward her child.

Never loses hope

Struggles to accept flaws of any kind in her child

Will not allow the judgement of others to hinder its perspective

Possessively holds tight to the mother-child bond. No person, no substance, no experience can lessen its grip.

Sees beyond her eyes.

Hears what her child’s heart says in spite of his words

Can see beyond the façade.

A Mother’s heart

Rejoices when her child rejoices

Cries with her child

Struggles through every struggle

Hopes through adversity

Prays through trials

Absorbs her child’s successes with gratitude

Feels her child’s pain with a longing to lessen it in some way

A Mother’s Heart

Does not let go of her child’s heart. Even in death, the connection remains.

A Mother’s Love

Is given to her by her Heavenly Father as a representation of 

His love for His children

A mother’s heart NEVER completely releases her child regardless of the circumstances. If her child is taken from her physically, the ever-flowing love from her heart remains the connection between her life on this earth and her child’s heart in Heaven.  

A mother’s heart longs for the day when her eyes see and her hands can again touch her beloved child while rejoicing with her embrace for Eternity.

By Sheryl DeKett

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