#2 January 31, 2021

On the shot glass – a greeting

Funny how two words bring torrents

            of emotion. 

Traveling there I see the expanse of bay beckon

The places we stayed, lived, laughed,


Collecting shells, sea creatures

with her – my little one

So inquisitive – eyes wide, glowing,

wheels turning, unafraid.

Then, a repeat performance with him,

A more daunting endeavor,

He, too, was fascinated,

How they loved the sand and water, dunes,

seals, whales.

Friends, family all came to stay

A bigger family was created

A smaller family is the now

So, this land of Truro is the yin/ang, happy/sad

Sometimes more the sad and yet

We still go back there

The currents won’t cease. How can they?

Where is the Holy Grail to bring us peace?

Maybe it is Truro.  Maybe it is yet to come.

Peace Out

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