#1 January 15, 2021

Sitting on a boardwalk bench, sunny and clear

Looking at the looming horizon

Ocean as cold as a summer’s day is hot

Bundled up fighting whirling winds

Am I looking out or inward?

Still looking for me or

am I looking for him?

The flowing haired redhead

Suddenly, sitting next to me, he is here

We talk about mundane, mind matters

“How was your day, Sonny Boy?”

“Okay Dad,” in his offhand way

We are dancing around emotional substance

Maybe we hesitate to engage in foreign country

Maybe that was OUR mistake

waiting for the other’s reveal first

Each one not demanding of the other

Both wanting to expel emotions

So, I say, “why do we both remain mum about the

important feelings in our castle’s keep?”

“I don’t know Dad,” his hurting eyes express

I am here for you always, I thought without saying

“It’s alright, Dad. I know you love me.”

I turned teary-eyed towards him for a long lasting hug

He is not there- only in my reverie

What I would not give for that hug

Peace Out

3 replies on “LEFT UNSAID”

My heart aches for you Mr. Insler; I wholeheartedly feel every word you write. I know the dance you spoke of all too well. I know it from both sides of the conversation. Your post inspired me and helped keep me sober today. Thank you.

My mission on Earth is to “Heal the World.” It is a saying from Judaism and I have found a way to try. Thank you for understanding and if I can be of any help, please reach out. Peace and love to you<3

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