#5 Aug. 28, 2020

I look at you two –

            smiling faces forever framed

            – and it’s all life –

            energetic, my mind is alive and well –

            pure good, you are

And I think . . .

            Your strong bond of love –

            How it warms and nourishes me

               in this cold, cold world.

            I remember the many times

You’ve brought me in touch

My feelings, my self

Your sensitivities are real, true, beautiful

How she cried upon hearing of the effects of tar on smokers

-both grandmas.

I wish my well would flow as hers.

How he, watching Snoopy and Charlie-

Crying for Snoopy to come home.

Your true, deep natural crying was –so beautiful to me –

I was rejoicing in your innocent, real sorrow

Unselfish crying validates our selfs – through you –

I love you. It will be all right, my children.

Snoopy comes home and grandmas stop smoking.

But, you still kept sobbing.

You revealed your humanity – don’t lose that power.

He reaches for her – not me

They hug – I am overjoyed – I love you both, deeply


I prepare for the inevitable –

            You are not enframed.

The picture still needs developing.

I will make my frames in here –

and I will cry, out of my love –

mixed tears for who you were,

who you are and who-            

You will become.

2 replies on “FRAMES”

This is probably right around the time I did some babysitting with the children, Coach Insler. It would have been the early 90s. This poem is a beautiful tribute to our vulnerable human experience. Thank you again for sharing the hurts in life (and the joys) in an authentic way.

Dear Maria, thank you for reading and understanding my poetic thoughts. People are not aware, even now, about the threat of SUD. When I write poems I allow a peek into my soul. If it strikes a chord like it did in you then I was successful. I have found a way to move forward and try to help others to express their thoughts which might help them in some way. The stigma can only be defeated if we speak up.

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