#7 Sep. 13, 2020


In abstraction – a word,

conjuring images of utter  deep depths

Like a black hole – with no bottom

            sucking everything down

In reality – an emotion

totally dominating a life

Love is a strong state?

Grief is the carbon fiber, diamond,

Hardest feeling to break!

It so changes one’s  being – they are not aware

It transforms and obliterates all other parts of identity –

Who is that person?  I don’t know her.

That Berlin Wall, iron mountain is planted.

It’s a force field, a fortress of solitude, despair

          and deprivation, like a gulag –

  Imprisoned like a con who is REALLY innocent.

  Nothing wrongly done and yet things were done.

  Ending up beyond that WAILING WALL

  No Mending Wall is there.

  None that I have come across.



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