#8 Sep. 18, 2020


            When there is unrelenting, unbearable sadness, what do we, as human beings, do? By human beings, I mean, the inhabitants of Mother Earth. We share this planet with: all of the life in Noah’s Ark, oceans, mountains, sky, air and creatures that look like humans, but, alas, truly are not.

            The answer of what do we do with this burden is to try to live as what the people of the nations (peoples who lived here before the Europeans) called “human beings.”  To my knowledge (which is limited in the history of the nations) this means to live and let live and treat Mother Earth, i.e. nature, as a precious jewel and not to rob her of all of her jewelry.

            In practical terms this means to give more than we receive.  In regard to the spirit, which encompasses the realm of emotions and psychological well-being, the principle of giving is to be applied.  In practically all considerations a human should always think of other humans first.  This means to be aware and  supportive of their emotional state, especially when they are suffering.  It matters not that you might be suffering and to a greater extent.  Indeed, because you are suffering, who better to be empathetic. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to help. By doing this, you are a human being even if you might benefit from this relationship as well.

            Human beings must be also cognizant of other human beings’ psychological state.  If one is aware of a person’s condition like anxiety disorder for instance, a human should not add to their stress level.  What may seem like an  innocuous word or action to you, might trigger a nervous response in that person. Another example is if you find attributes of OCD in another.  A human will not speak about this nor look at it as abnormal.  It is the OCD person’s way of coping and it is akin to a non OCD person waving good bye or extending a hand to shake.  These gestures would be considered as a “normal” thing to do.  Imagine if actions such as these were a sign that there was something wrong with you!  

            Being a “human being” rather than a creature is not an easy way to be.  You must get out of your head and be highly attuned to the person or creature you are engaging with.  It is especially important to know how to be a human with people who carry the enormous load of grieving, especially for a child.  It is something humans acquire as they evolve, no matter what age group they have attained.  I believe children are already evolved as human beings.  The sad fact of life is as they grow to be adults many devolve into creatures.

Peace out


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