#9 Sep. 25, 2020


 I’ve got anxiety,
Crippling anxiety,
Need cognitive therapy,
Or at least Fluoxetine,
When I was seventeen,
Flooded my nucleus with dopamine,
It was so obscene,
You should’ve heard the neighbors scream.

My guidance counselor gave me strategies and stuff to say,
But I just want a magic bubble that can just take me away,

From my insanity,
What other explanation can it be?
And I’m blind to see,
Folks just don’t confide in me,
And my anxiety.

I’m not a normal guy,
Thoughts pop up in my head I don’t know why,
So, you think I’m shy,
It’s cuz I think I’m gunna die,
From my anxiety,
Blood-curdling anxiety,
Need electroconvulsant therapy,
But what will most folks think of me?
And my anxiety.

Lyrics by Sean McCabe

                       Peace out


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